Student Interview: Effie Chen

Effie is an incoming international student at UCLA from Shanghai. We met at the Chancellor Gene Block’s July 4th Reception at the Sheraton in Shanghai. I will be having the pleasure of hosting her at my apartment in LA in the weeks leading up to her move into the UCLA dorms.

Name: Effie (Pinru) Chen
Year: Class of 2017
Hometown: Shanghai, China

Must-see places in Shanghai:
The Bund in Puxi is totally a must-see in Shanghai. From the Bund not only can you see the past of Shanghai by the European-Chinese style buildings left by different colony countries from a century ago, but you also get to see the futuristic financial buildings across the Huangpu River.

Jiang’an Temple is another exotic destination. Since China has more Buddhists than Christians, temples are not only popular for foreigners but local people. Jing’an temple is located in Downtown Shanghai with a luxurious golden sharp top. You can go inside to light up incenses like the locals and make wishes. After that, shopping can be an option since there are tons of newly built shopping malls.

Must-try foods:
When you are seeking for good Shanghai snacks, don’t ever try the ones that are overpriced. The good ones are always cheap and worth dying for like IN-N-OUT in Cali.

1) Xiao Long Bao 小笼包
It’s a bum-like dumpling with transparent skin and soft juicy meat inside. The soup inside is succulent and sweet, infused with different seasoning. When you eat it, you have to open a tiny bit of the skin just to let the steam out and cool down, then take the whole bun into your mouth. It is totally sensational.
2)Rice Ball 糍饭
It is rice ball usually in purple stuffed with pork floss, egg, or vegetables. It is one of the most popular Shanghai breakfast foods.
3) Fatty Braised Pork 红烧肉
This dish is made of soy sauce braise pork belly, comes in a rather sweet, soy glaze and just the right amount of fat.

Favorite thing about Shanghai:
The combination of old and past. You can find building or temples that had been built for hundreds of years, but you can also go to the newest opened club on over a hundredth floors.

Describe Shanghai in 3 words:
Fun, Safe, and Mind-blowing.
No words can really describe Shanghai accurately. It is only when you come to Shanghai when you realize how unbelievably awesome this city is.


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