Student Interview: Victor L. Salazar-Madrigal

Name: Victor L. Salazar-Madrigal
Major/Minor: Global Studies/Philosophy
Year: Class of 2015
Hometown: Tijuana, Mexico

Why did you choose Shanghai Travel Study?
Asia, and more specifically China, are the regions in which our contemporary world is shifting. Asian economies are poised to be the main global engines of growth in the next decade, the geopolitical weight of such nations is also increasing, etc… Also, there is less knowledge and understanding of these cultures, which are among the most ancient that the world has to offer. All these factors made me think that the best Travel Study option for me at this moment would be Shanghai.

Favorite experience:
Be able to relate all the concepts that we were learning in class with my daily activities. It was very interesting and rewarding to be able to make sense of things that I saw in class with my experiences that I had on Chinese streets. I felt that I was able to understand many aspects of China much more quickly and fully by that way.

Most surprising / memorable / funniest experience:
When people would stop and ask us for a picture with their families. We felt like rockstars in each city we went to.

Most interesting / best food you ate: 
In Shanghai, steamed dumplings filled with pork or shrimp. In all China, spicy hot pot soup in Sichuan.

Describe Shanghai in 3 words:
Contrasting, Cosmopolitan, Beautiful

Piece of advice:
Travel light! Always book everything in advance, be prepared to be always surrounded by tons of people and get a VPN!
Blogger Note: A VPN reconfiguration is needed to overcome the “Great Firewall” and access censored sites like Google, Facebook, even Snapchat. UCLA provides a valid VPN reconfiguration, but connection to certain sites can often times be slow and unreliable.


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