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UCLA Chancellor’s Reception & Kareoke Night

July 4th – I woke up to a blasted Instagram feed of patriotic quotes, splashes of red, white, blue, and the official hashtag of America: #merica

Forgetting momentarily that I am over 7000 miles from the U.S., I made it my personal mission to find a firework to light although I quickly gave up around lunchtime. Oh well, maybe next year.

Chancellor Gene Block had a reception at the Sheraton Hotel here in Shanghai where he will strengthen the Shanghai alumni base, congratulate newly admitted bruins, invite current and past currents for a night of inspirational speeches, finger foods, drinks, and mingling. It was quite a fancy affair.

Crash Course in Chinese – This is an optional class for students. I especially enjoyed the vocabulary games we played in class. For example, we would count off numbers in Chinese from 1-100, skipping every 6th number. If someone said a 6th number or translated incorrectly, s/he was dared to a challenge. My favorite one was when Marcos was dared to walk down the hall, knock on the door of another classroom, wait for the class to quiet, and – with a straight face – greet the class “Ni hao, wo jào Marcos” (“Hello, my name is Marcos”) and then simply walk away from all the silent, awkward, and confused faces. Classic.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block came for a visit to ECNU that morning Continue reading UCLA Chancellor’s Reception & Kareoke Night


Buns & The Bund

After Thursday morning discussion sections at ECNU, I usually like to catch up on notes/some work at my favorite coffee corner: 520 Coffee. Norah Jones-playing 520 Coffee is my little safe haven when I want to escape the busy streets and city life on their comfy couches. If you’re ever in the mood for a convenient chopped salad, warm sandwich, or dessert buns right off of campus, this is your place to study and dine with plenty of seating.

After some studying, a handful of us decided to visit a rooftop venue on the Bund which overlooks the stunning Shanghai skyline.

IMG_6124 En Route 520 Coffee from the dorms

IMG_6132 520 Coffee: my favorite study corner

IMG_6140Groundfloor Shanghai Skyline Continue reading Buns & The Bund

Typical Tuesday at ECNU

Here’s a quick snapshot of a school day:

8:20 am : Wake up, dress up, quick Chinese breakfast in the dining room directly downstairs from the dorm

9am – 12pm : Class with ten minute breaks after every hour

12-1:30pm : Break for lunch – I frequented the Korean dining hall on campus (Bulgogi beef, spicy ramen, Bibimbap), but many other students preferred to walk a bit off campus for Chinese restaurants (dumplings, noodles, rice dishes, xiao long bao – a favorite). Continue reading Typical Tuesday at ECNU

Freshman Orientation 101

Flashback to freshman orientation when you kindly introduce yourself to your peers, meeting your first friends for the first time – all not really knowing what lies ahead. How is the professor? Where is the gym? What are the library hours? Do I actually have to do the readings?  Why is there a stray child playing on the lawn? Does he even go here? Who’s dog is that? All equally important questions that cross your mind that first day on UCLA campus. Continue reading Freshman Orientation 101