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En Route Shanghai. But first… let me take a night in Manila

Mabuhay (Mah-boo-hi): it means “long live” in Tagalog. It’s a saying used in greetings, celebrations, departures. “Mabuhay and thank you for flying Philippine Airlines”.

Manila is a popular layover destination to Shanghai especially among other UCLA students since Philippine Airlines is generally cheaper. I have family in Manila so I opted for an overnight layover to stay in a hotel with my cousin. If you choose a layover in Manila and decide to explore the city, Continue reading En Route Shanghai. But first… let me take a night in Manila


Avoid the Tetris-Packing Struggle

Knowing myself, I like to take home half of Asia in souvenirs, clothes, and trinkets. For this reason, I need to make sure my suitcase is only 2/3 full to avoid getting charged a small fortune on my return flight back. Before I started packing, I did a little research on how to pack (yes, there is a method to the madness). Packing for 6 weeks is packing for 2 weeks, maybe even 1 1/2 depending on your accessibility to a laundromat. Unless you plan on backpacking the Himalayas or venturing into a rural village with a population of 50 in Western China, Continue reading Avoid the Tetris-Packing Struggle

Au Revoir Los Angeles

Was it just one week ago when I pulled a Starbucks-double-shot-energy-drink-fueled all-nighter, poured over my accounting books and lecture notes, felt a pinch of despair as the sun rose while my hallmates got up to their morning shower and I haven’t even touched my duvet in over 28 hours? Yes, it was finals week. Continue reading Au Revoir Los Angeles